Mabella Artisans is an Interior Design Company that realizes residential and commercial projects.

We love to do different kind of things: from A to Z renovation projects to smaller styling jobs. As long as we can do what we are best at: use our expertise to help you improve the quality and atmosphere of your space.

When you have decided on constructing, renovating or re-styling your property, you are entering an exciting time in which many decisions will have to be made. We would love to guide you through this process.

We as a company can be involved in various stages of the construction/renovation process: from the moment your initial idea is born to consulting you on the lay-out and light plan of your project, up until decorating and styling your interior.

Together with YOU, we will start to determine and inventory your wishes, desires and needs for the project. In the first instance this is done through the virtue of listening, followed by a homework assignment sculpted to the requirements of the project in order to make a concept design, where we will advise you on the lay-out, lighting, materials and creating the atmosphere you are looking for. We will then determine what is technically feasible and make an estimation of the budget.

Having determined your needs for the project and considered the technical feasibilities, we will take these decisions to the drawing table in order to create a final design with original ideas and solutions as well as budget for the implementation of your wishes. Our challenge then lies in matching these with the budget you have in mind. Mabella Artisans constantly strives to deliver quality through collaboration with experienced architects, contractors and carpenters. These parties all have a well-referenced, long-term relationship with us. For Total Renovation Projects you can see Mabella Artisans as a one-stop-shop where an architect, interior designer and a project manager in-one will be happy to guide you!

Close communication and an organic mindset is the way forward to ending this project together with joy!

Mabella Studio Starting 2018 we have extended our expertise, focused on new construction projects, under the name Mabella Studio.
Mabella Studio focuses on the completion of Casco construction projects.